Stem Mastering

Stem Mastering is a process that offers greater control over the sonic shape and balance of your music. It allows the engineer to not only shape the overall tonal balance of a track, but also to go even deeper into each component part to help achieve an even better result.

It is worth clarifying that stem mastering is not mixing. Mixing uses heavy fader and send automation, effects, tuning etc. Stem mastering tends to only use occasional automation, but does allow the mastering engineer to target the use of eq, dynamic adjustment and other forms of processing to the individual stems often producing an improved master.

Please upload your mixdown via our booking page and we will evaluate your material and let you know what stems will be required for your project. Once you have your stem configuration you can export as below.

Please supply full bandwidth 24/32 bit stereo files of identical length/duration. Export your stems from exactly the same time code position in your digital audio workstation timeline so they will synchronize in our digital audio workstation. This will invariably involve setting left and right locators when you bounce/export your files. When preparing files consider that ideal stems should combine/sum in your digital audio workstation and sound virtually identical to the stereo mixdown when combined and played together.


What are Apple Digital Masters?